Structured cabling market is slowing down despite growing demand from data centresMay 2020

2019 has proven to be a modest year for the global structured cabling market. BSRIA research shows growth of 1.2% and the market reaching value of USD 6.8 billion in 2019 after a very good year in 2018, when an increase of almost 5% was recorded. The data centre segment performed better than LAN increasing by almost 3% in 2019, but it is worth noting that it has been half the growth rate when compared to 2018. 

The LAN segment increased modestly after an exceptional 5% growth year in 2018. 

As of end of March 2020, BSRIA’s research forecasts minor growth below 1% for the global market in 2020 and a modest yearly increase up to 2024. Data centre segment remains a more exciting area for growth than LAN. 

The overall growth is impacted by the US market, which accounts for 36% of the global structured cabling market. The US cabling market experienced a decent year in 2019 with a 2.5% increase following a very good year in 2018 with an increase of over 4%, supported by country’s economic growth, an increase in non-residential construction and a good uptake of Cat 6A. 

Many of the remaining key countries performed well in 2018 such as China, Canada, UK, Germany, France and South Korea, all posting growth above 4%. In 2019 only Germany did well, while most countries showed moderate growth or experienced a decrease such as China, the UK, Switzerland and Mexico (measured in USD value).

                                            The Global structured cabling market segmented by LAN and DC applications, USD million

Source: BSRIA Research

The Global structured cabling market segmented by LAN and DC applications, USD million

Source: BSRIA Research

Sales of Cat 6A increased almost 7% globally in 2019 and now accounts for 33% of all cabling systems by value.  Sales of Cat 6a are estimated to progress dynamically up to 2024. 

Sales of Cat 7, 7a and Cat 8 are expected to show high growth rates, but from a small base. The share for the three categories combined are expected to grow from 1.7% in 2019 to 3.7% in 2024. Sales of Cat 8 are not anticipated to take off.

Sales of Cat 5e continue to decline, but still account for 14% in 2019 sold mainly in the USA, China and Japan.

Cat 6 which currently dominates the market is expected to decline slightly in the future. 

BSRIA has just released a new global study on the structured cabling market, which includes 16 in-depth country analysis and a World Overview covering 33 countries and South East Asia.

An assessment of the impact that Covid-19 pandemic might have on the key country markets will be released in September.

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