Global pandemic has intensified underlying trends in the European air conditioning marketJanuary 2021

The end of January will see the publication of BSRIA European Air Conditioning study. Following the success of the regional air conditioning market overview in Africa (Dec 2018) and in South America (Dec 2019), BSRIA is now reporting on the European market based on the research in 15 European countries:

Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland; Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Romania; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Ireland; Croatia and Greece.

The analysis is available on both, regional and country level.

The European market has faced several challenges in recent months following economic fluctuations provoked by waves of the Covid-19 pandemic. Country markets responded differently depending on the strength of local drivers:

Source: BSRIA

Western Europe: Residential market holds better up than commercial – though product performance varies.

Southern Europe: Markets suffer most due to COVID, weather and supply issues.

Eastern Europe: All markets affected to varying degrees depending on the maturity of the market. In challenging economic climate Chinese products increase share.

Scandinavia: Markets down but strong climate legislation softens the blow – strong growth potential.

BSRIA AC studies include sales to the residential and commercial segment, and performance in both varied depending on the type of product and on the country. 

Challenges experienced by all have in certain countries been aggravated by local occurrences, like local elections or particularly poor weather. On the positive side, some markets have benefited particularly well from consumers shifting their disposable income from travel to home improvements. 

The trend anticipated by BSRIA several years ago - for air conditioning split heat pumps to keep gaining importance - is intensifying and becoming particularly visible in some countries. Strong climate-related legislation that promotes the electrification of heating in new buildings, particularly common in Western and Southern Europe, is driving the reversible AC market. 

Heat waves across Europe are pushing sales of AC units in the residential segment in countries where until today, the penetration of cooling to family dwellings was negligible.

Competition is intensifying in the market as many players enter the promising cooling space; technology evolves with intense research and development activities, responding to climate protection related legislative challenge.

The study focuses on market sizes and characteristics, providing forecasts and presenting main suppliers. In addition, the main influences and drivers in the market are scrutinised: macroeconomic background, regulatory measures, including refrigerants legislation, are included. Finally, the study assesses the structure of foreign trade and market shares.

Products included in the study are Portables, Windows/Through the Wall, Conventional Splits (single and multi-splits), Roof Tops and Indoor Packaged, Chillers, AHU’s and Fan Coils.

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