BACS market cooling in US dollars as a result of Brexit & US presidential electionsDecember 2016

Zoltan Karpathy Operations Manager, BSRIA WMI

The recently published BSRIA market intelligence study on World Building Automation and Controls Systems 2016 shows the global BACS market was worth US$ 21 billion in 2016 but the value in US has been affected by the effect on the US$-Euro and US$-GBP exchange rates triggered by Brexit and the outcome of the US presidential election.

In local currency the German and UK markets registered growth in the main countries, although expressed in US$, it shows a decline for 2016.

The main drivers continue to be the ongoing implementation of energy efficiency standards supported by legislation. This is helping suppliers address the enormous latent potential in the retrofit and refurbishment markets. Demand for measurement and control of building air quality is showing a strong growth. The lucrative BACS market is continually attracting new entrants, and new technologies, innovations and novel business models are threatening to disrupt traditional business.

BACS - 2016 market breakdown

Zoltan Karpathy, Manager – Intelligent Buildings and Homes, BSRIA, said: “BACnet now dominates even more in the march towards open communication protocols, driven by the demand for increased integration. There is also an escalating need for energy data analytics/BEMS, with a rising proportion of this migrating to the Cloud.

The steady requirement for integration of building applications and the market consolidation of the Internet of Things (IoT) necessitates that stakeholders seek reliable, certified integrators to help them deliver robust solutions.”

The World Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) 2016 study offers such insights:

BACS - geographic breakdown of installed systems
  • Building Automation Controls Systems (BACS) markets in 17 countries/regions: Austria & Switzerland (one report), Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, North America, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea (NEW FOR 2016), Spain, Turkey, UAE, UK.
  • Information on the market size, market segmentation and forecasts until 2021.
  • Market shares of product and installed systems sales.
  • Product sales to 18 verticals (building types).
  • Market sizes of DDC controllers, communicating room controllers, sensors, valves, valve actuators, damper actuators and other BACS products.
  • Sales through seven different routes to market.
  • Market background and drivers in each country.
  • Value of both the value-added and service/maintenance segment plus forecasts.

For more information on the availability and costs of this BSRIA’s report and on corporate business opportunities in the North American market, contact: Raphael Chalogany, Business Development Manager, North America, BSRIA, Worldwide Market Intelligence.

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This study forms part of BSRIA’s regular multi-client studies. The multi-client World Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) studies are published every year.

BACS - main vertical markets by building type (US$ millions)
BACS - strategic regional breakdown of world BACS product market
BACS - products - market size 2016 vs 2014 (US$ millions)

The current 17 countries programme shows the latest developments and trends in the BACS product, value added services and service and maintenance segments. The base year is 2016, with forecasts offered until 2021.

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