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BSRIA Management Consultancy manages projects for three kinds of clients:

  • multi-nationals
  • local companies
  • private equity funds

In most of the projects we include market forecasts by taking into account the industry trends and evaluating different scenarios determined by our experts. The analysis and conclusions are based on internal and external sources:

  • primary and secondary market research
  • financial analysis of internal data
  • interviews of: clients, competitors and recognised experts
  • BSRIA team: permanent staff and collaborators
  • BSRIA database and library

BSRIA management consultancy delivers high quality results because its planning is realistic and demanding, We do not accept delays, we give advice that is supported by logical and/or numerical analysis, our propositions are action-orientated and can be implemented immediately.

For more information on the work BSRIA Management Consultancy has carried out please download the following case studies:

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