Testo 745 | Voltage indicator

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The Testo 745 is a non-contact voltage tester (NCV) with a built-in low pass filter which greatly reduces high frequency interference that causes false indications. It is well-suited to quickly check for the presence of voltage in AC powered systems. With this instrument going up to 1000 V AC, you can easily determine the live and neutral wires of an outlet without risky and lengthy removal of this outlet, due to its indication by flashing red LEDs and buzzing audible tones. The LED flashlight included in this model is bright and focused to make testing simple in dark spaces. It is waterproof and dustproof and also includes a low battery indication.


  • Two sensitivity levels with audible and visual indication
  • Flashing LED indicates sensitivity range down to 12 V AC or standard range above 50 V AC
  • Differentiates live from neutral in AC outlets
  • Low Pass Filter reduces false indications
  • Waterproof and dustproof according to IP 67
  • Bright LED flashlight illuminates test area


Voltage testing     12 to 1000 V AC / 50 to 1000 V AC

Operating temperature      - 10 to + 50 °C

Storage temperature      - 15 to + 60 °C

Measurement category     CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1,000 V

Testo 750 range | Voltage indicator
Testo 750 range | Voltage indicator
A range of voltage indicators with built-in flashlights are perfect for testing in dark places. All three models also have a two handed operation with anti-slip rings for safer voltage measurements.

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