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Irradian L203

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The L203 photometer is a high performance portable instrument designed to measure a wide range of illuminance and luminance levels. They are calibrated directly in Lux (Lumens per square metre) and Cd/m2 (Lumens per steradian per square metre) using a high accuracy photopic filter to give the user confidence in the veracity of the measurements from light sources with different spectral distributions.

The model L203-LUX is available for illuminance measurements only.


The photometers comprise of a hand held display unit, a detector / amplifier assembly with connecting cable, an illuminance filter ring and a luminance field of view probe. The sensor is a large area silicon photodiode with excellent linearity and long term stability. The Irradian photopic filter ring and photopic field of view probe, fitted to the front of the silicon detector give a response which closely matches the human eye response outlined by the CIE Vl curve. This precise colour correction gives high accuracy of photometric measurements from light sources with different spectral distributions


Ranges 0 - 19 999 x 10 , 0 - 19 999, 0 - 1999.9, 0 - 199.99 and 0 - 19.999 Lux & cd.m-2

Accuracy ±(1 % + 1 digit on display)

Display 4 ½ digit LCD display with 10mm high numerals

Power Supply PP3 battery

Operating life 30 to 50 hours

Dimensions 80mm x 45mm x150mm

Weight Approximately 0.3 Kg

Important note Instrument Solutions also supply the Macam versions of these meters for Hire which are direct equivalents in all respects.

Support documents

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Irradian L203 light meter user manual.pdf Irradian L203 light meter user manual
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Irradian - Macam L203 data sheet.pdf Irradian - Macam L203 data sheet
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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion Can I use the L203 to measure the output of LED's?
AAnswer No, to measure LED’s you need a specialist instrument. Instrument Solutions can offer the Konica Minolta T10-A for hire which is also an entry under ‘Light’ on our website.