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Drager Air current test kit | Smoke generator

Contact Instrument Solutions

These easy to use Drager tubes produce a visible aerosol plume of white smoke when the top of the glass tube is opened. A simple squeeze rubber bulb pushes air through the tube to propel the smoke into the ambient air. Even the most gentle air currents are made visible. If the test is completed before all the smoke is used the tube can be sealed using the rubber cap provided.

Product is available as a kit complete with x10 smoke tubes, rubber stop caps and a rubber hand bulb for creating the aerosol plume, or as a pack of x10 refills.



Each glass tube contains an inert porous carrier material with a fuming sulphuric acid (10 %). There are no special precautions normally necessary when handling the tubes, but a Health & Safety data sheet is provided for users within the documents section of the web site.

Drager Flow Check | Smoke generator
Drager Flow Check | Smoke generator
Drager Flow Check, pack of x3 ampoules, nozzle, battery, manual and case (Charger required for operation - Item purchased separately)

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Drager air current tubes safety data sheet V3.8 Apr 22.pdf Drager air current tubes safety data sheet V3.8 Apr 22
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