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Water Heating (World Market for Heating 2017/R2016)


Reports, available for around 30 countries worldwide provide key market information needed to carry out strategic analysis of each market segment.


The studies offer a cost effective solution to obtain well-structured data on latest market size with
analysis detecting major trends and more specific market changes. All studies provide information on market drivers and obstacles, market forecast, distribution trends as well as information on market shares and overall competitive environment.

Key Information

1. Reports updated annually
2. Reports provided in Powerpoint format and in an excel at a country and world level
3. Data included in report 2015, 2016 (E), 2017 (F), 2018 (F), 2019 (F), 2020 (F), 2021 (F)
4. Based on primary and secondary research

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Product details

  • Published: February 2017
  • Publisher: BSRIA