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Extech HD450 | Data logging lux meter

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Available to purchase from BSRIA Instrument Solutions the Extech HD450 data logging light meter with light sensor on (1 m) cable, protective cover, software, USB cable, hard carrying case, and 9 V battery

The Extech HD450 instrument is a versatile light meter that offers users outstanding value for money and comes complete with a 3 year warranty. The instrument has a rugged double moulded housing, a clear backlit display, cosine colour corrected measurements and the capability to automatically store up to 16,000 readings or manually store/recall up to 99 readings.


  • Wide range to 400,000 Lux
  • Cosine and colour corrected measurements
  • Utilizes precision silicon photo diode and spectral response filter
  • Peak mode (10 μS) captures highest reading
  • Relative mode indicates change in light levels
  • Min/Max and Data Hold
  • Large backlit LCD display with 40-segment bar graph
  • Heavy duty rugged double moulded housing
  • Includes light sensor with 3 ft (1 m) cable and protective cover, Windows® compatible software with USB cable, hard carrying case, and 9V battery
  • Automatically stores up to 16,000 readings or can manually store / recall up to 99 readings via the display
  • Data can be logged to memory at sample rates up to 99 seconds. Data can only be viewed using the software supplied which also allows the user to view readings in real-time on a PC. The readings can be analyzed, zoomed, stored, and printed


Display 4000 count backlit LCD

Fc Range 40, 400, 4000, 40 k Fc

Lux Range 400, 4000, 40 k, 400 k Lux

Max. Resolution 0.01 Fc / 0.1 Lux

Basic Accuracy ± 5 %

Cosine & Color Corrected Yes

PC Interface  USB with software included

Datalogging 16,000 data (continuous) / 99 data (manual)

Dimensions  170 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm

Weight 390 g

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Extech HD450 data sheet.pdf Extech HD450 data sheet
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Extech HD450 user manual.pdf Extech HD450 user manual
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