Kimo 150 mm | black ball probe

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Kimo 150 mm black ball probe suitable for measuring radiant temperature

    • Accessory: Kimo 150 mm | black ball probe Manufacturer code: BN 150 11431
      • Price: £279.51

    Available in either 70 mm or 150 mm diameters these Kimo black ball housings are ideal for measuring radiant temperatures. Based on the sphere principle each are fitted with an adjustable gland (2 to 7 mm diameter) that can accomadate thermocouple, Pt100 or a liquid-in-glass thermometer (supplied separately).


    Brass sphere 0.6 mm thickness with a multi-coat matt black paint with a 0.95 emissivity value suitable for temperatures up to 600 oC.

    NOTE: Please call if required with a liquid-in-glass thermometer. Units can be manufactures with a 12 mm diameter opening.