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European HVAC Industry: The outlook in an ever-changing world - First Session

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Join us at our next Worldwide Market Intelligence webinar when we will provide an overview of how key European heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) markets have been impacted by COVID-19. We will also look at how to assess speed of recovery and other implications for our industry in residential and commercial markets.

      • 20 April 2021 - 9:00am(CET 10:00am) 1 hour (PST 2:00am)
      • 1st delegate: £0.00Subsequent delegates: £0.00
      • Online webinar

BSRIA Worldwide Market Intelligence continues to provide insight into the World of Building Services with the next in our webinar series: European HVAC Industry: The outlook in an ever-changing world.

Having recently published global market studies in air conditioning (AC), building automation controls (BACS), heating and heat pumps, our next webinar will offer three insightful presentations from BSRIA’s global market intelligence experts:

 1. Insight into current and future heating technologies: Where will the heating market go?

Presenter: Socrates Christidis. Manager for Heating & Renewables Insight

European legislation has pushed changes and there is increasing pressure on energy transition. The focus is on energy efficiency and a slow move from traditional hydronic heating products to reversible cooling solutions, hybrid systems with heat pumps and heat recovery units. How will hydrogen solutions fit into this future world of heating and what will the key drivers for change be? Europe has been in the forefront of driving new energy efficient solutions forward but how quickly will the transition happen in other key parts of the world?

 2. Air Conditioning markets see increasing focus on ventilation and Indoor Air Quality due to COVID

Presenter: Saziye Dickson, Manager VAC&R

Covid-19 saw significant regional impacts on sales of AC, and products in the commercial segments generally experienced a drop in sales. We will provide insight into the impact on European sales in 2020 and look at the road to recovery in different product areas. COVID has put pressure on building owners and operators to undertake a review of a safe return to the workplace when the time comes so ventilation and IAQ has become a key area of focus for the industry. How will these pressures combine with the focus on energy efficiency, and commitment to a reduction in CO2 emissions, to impact on refrigerants and solutions?

3. COVID has put greater focus on adapting technology and wellness to the way we are likely to work and live in the future

Presenter: Lone Hansen, Manager, BACS & Smart solutions

Although many individual surveys give differing suggestions about how office workers will return to normal post-COVID; indications are that as much as up to 80% of businesses are reviewing the options and implications of a greater focus on wellness of workers, work-life balance and safe working. This presentation will provide updated insight into how the European Building Automation Controls market was affected by COVID, and how new ways of working and living will drive technology forward.

 We look forward to you joining us.