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Testo 770-2 (offer)

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The Testo 770-2 true RMS clamp meter has signal detection capabilities that enables it to detect direct and alternating current and select other parameters such as resistance, continuity, diode and capacitance without interference by the user. With its unique fully retractable pincer arm, this allows you to grab wires without using your hands which makes it easier to take measurements in tight locations.

The Testo 770-2 model is ideal for daily measuring tasks such as frequency measurement, True RMS and current measurement. It also has a μA range as well as an integrated temperature adapter for Type K thermocouples.

*** Excess stock *** 2018 list price £119.00 - excluding VAT. Please note only x1 unit is available at special offer price ***


  • Unique clamp mechanism to grab wires without using your hands makes it easier to work at tight measuring points
  • Auto AC / DC recognition for current and voltage measurements
  • True root mean square measurement - True RMS
  • Standard features: • Inrush / starting current capture • APO (auto power off) • Min / Max / Hold
  • Additional features: • μA • Type-K thermocouple • High capacitance • Frequency measurement


Please refer to data sheet for the technical specification.

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