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Stay Connected-Stay Informed - Contractors / Builders

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BSRIA Member Webinar - Stay Informed and Stay Connected about the latest industry developments and how to maximise your membership.

There is no course currently scheduled, please contact us to register your interest for the next course, or to discuss our in company training.

There’s even more to discover about BSRIA Membership. Our membership services will help your organisation access knowledge and give you the competitive edge. We are delighted to be launching regular bite-sized webinars that will keep you and your colleagues connected and informed about the latest industry developments, research, information, legislation and technical guidance. 

As your organisation is a BSRIA Member, we would like to invite you to participate to Stay Connected and Stay Informed. We will also update you about how to maximise and make the most of your BSRIA Membership.

These webinars will be hosted by the BSRIA membership team who look forward to welcoming you.

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