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Smart Connected Europe Overview of Air Conditioning in Commercial Buildings 2019/R2018


For AC and Heating OEMs, service & maintenance to web enabled control companies looking for Smart Connected HVAC Commercial trends, our European Overviews estimate growth set to transform building services in 5 largest markets.

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In the past few years a new trend has emerged for both air conditioning and heating systems to be connected to the internet, enabling the devices to be monitored and sometimes also managed remotely.
This enables faults to be identified, diagnosed and sometimes predicted, allowing for timely intervention and repair. While the market in Europe is less mature than in the USA, it is growing rapidly – with a current CAGR of more than 20% for both air conditioning and heating.

BSRIA research has shown that smart air-conditioning is focussed almost entirely on commercial buildings, in particular those where air conditioning failures can have serious consequences for business or for health.
In contrast, the smart connected heating market is focussed much more strongly on residential buildings with boiler manufacturers and controls suppliers in particular offering solutions to improve consumers’ comfort and convenience.
Accordingly, BSRIA has produced two separate reports:
- Europe Smart Connected air-conditioning (commercial) - Europe smart connected heating (residential)
These reports can be purchased either separately or as a ‘package’. Both cover area of the European Union (January 2019)

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  • Published: January 2019
  • Publisher: BSRIA