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The Testo 760 range of digital multimeters comprises of three models which are easy to use and have greater reliability due to the function keys which replace the traditional dial. The Testo 760-1 model is the standard version for virtually all daily measuring tasks. The Testo 760-2 is differentiated by the True Root Mean Square measurement capability (True RMS), a low pass filter and a larger current measurement range. The Testo 760-3 is the model with the highest specification, with the addition to the features of the other two models, it also has higher measuring ranges for frequency and capacitance as well as a voltage range of up to 1000 V.


  • Measurement parameter detection and selection via the socket assisgnment - prevents incorrect settings
  • Easy, modern operation with illuminating function keys - instead of a dial for easy and clear selection of test functions
  • True Root Mean Square measurement - True RMS (Testo 760-2/-3)
  • Low pass filter and duty cycle standard
  • Measure up to 400 A with optional clamp meter adapter (Testo 760-2/-3)
  • Heavy duty - drop and water resistant for tough conditions


Basic accuracy       0.1 % 

Voltage measuring range        0.1 mV to 600 V AC / DC 

Current measuring range      0.1 μA to 10 A AC / DC 

Duty cycle      1 % to 99 % from 20 Hz to 1 KHz

Low pass filter        40 Hz to 1 KHz 

Resistance measuring range         0.1 to 60 M Ω

Temperature measuring range        - 20 to + 500 °C

Operating temperature       - 10 to + 50 °C

Storage temperature      - 15 to + 60 °C

For further technical specification, please refer to the data sheet

Testo 760-1
Testo 760-1
Testo 760-1 digital multimeter complete with 3 x AAA batteries and 1 set of measuring cables
Testo 760-3
Testo 760-3
Testo 760-3 digital TRMS multimeter complete with 3 x AAA batteries and 1 set of measuring cables

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