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Retrotec FanTestic software is used for residential and large building blower door testing. It can be configured for completely automated test fan operation, data collection and report generation.

Available in a number of different versions the software can record and calculate readings from the fans and manometers set up to measure air leakage in enclosures (usually rooms or buildings). When used in conjunction with Retrotec digital manometers, the software can automatically control fans and capture data in accordance with a number of standard enclosure air leakage testing procedures. The software will generate a report containing measured and calculated results in accordance with the standard testing procedures, for automatically captured or manually entered data. This software is supplied with a licence key delivered by email.


  • Choice of automatic control of fans and data collection, or manual data entry as you adjust the fans
  • Record data from up to 24 fans – no need to watch your gauges, just let FanTestic take all the readings for you
  • Real time graphing – watch the results as FanTestic automatically captures readings
  • Digital Gauge recognition – connect a Retrotec digital manometer (DM-2 or DM32 series) to the computer and it will automatically be discovered and recognized by FanTestic
  • Real time display of pressure gauges – keep track of the building pressure and the fan volume flow from the laptop
  • Real time display of fan speed and pressure variation – watch the dials move as you run your test to get an idea of how hard the fan is working and how the pressure in the room is affected
  • Standards available: ATTMA TSL1 & TSL2, ASTM E779-10,C GSB 149.10, EN13829, and USACE
  • Customize test pressure parameters, update individual test points after completion of an automatic test
  • Generates reports in standard Microsoft Word
  • Users can customize the template being used for reports
  • Export readings to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for alternate analysis
  • Choice of language for user interface and reports
  • Automatic updates: software will connect to the Internet and check for a newer version of the software each time you run, which will download and install automatically if available
  • Runs on any computer, laptop, or tablet with a full version of Windows.

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