Fluke 6500 kit (Hire) | Portable appliance tester

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The Fluke 6500 PAT tester kit is easy to use and can perform all the required tests for UK Class I and Class II electrical appliances.

Instrument is designed to be light weight, small size, and easy to use with pre-set test routines along with a QWERTY keyboard.


Low weight

Weighing approximately 3 kg, the Fluke 6500 is lightweight and easy to carry around when working on-site. The hard carrying case not only offers protection during transit but also includes extra storage space for accessories and other tools.

Small size

They’re also extremely compact, and have Fluke’s traditional ruggedness to be able to withstand working in the field. Packed with all the features you need for testing portable appliances, a Fluke PAT tester is a complete all-in-one solution.

One-touch solution

Pre-set test routines are initiated from a single button. This not only simplifies testing but also facilitates a faster, more efficient way of working. The fully automatic 6500 also includes user-definable test routines and a QWERTY keyboard for rapid data entry.

Important notes

Instrument Hire stock models include an extension lead test adaptor and 110V lead/plug converter. They exclude software due to license restrictions and any appliance pass labels.


The accuracy specification for the measurement range meets the service operating errors specified in EN61557-1: 1997, EN61557-2: 1997 , EN61557-4: 1997.

Fluke 6500-2 | Portable appliance tester
Fluke 6500-2 | Portable appliance tester
Fluke 6500-2 portable appliance tester, manual on CD, quick reference guide, hard carrying case, test lead, test probe, crocodile clip, mains lead, USB stick and USB cable

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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion Can the 6500 do both Class I and II?
AAnswer Yes, the 6500 can do both Class I and Class II electrical appliances.
QQuestion Do you supply the appliance pass labels for the 6500 PAT Tester?
AAnswer No, BSRIA is not able to supply pass labels. The customer will have to source/purchase these elsewhere.
QQuestion Will the Fluke 6500 come with software?
AAnswer The Fluke 6500 excludes software due to licence laws/restrictions.