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Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 - 3 000 A | Power analyser

Contact Instrument Solutions

Equipped with 4 voltage inputs and 4 current inputs, the Qualistar Plus measures all the voltage, current and power parameters required for full diagnosis of an electrical installation. It simultaneously captures and records all the parameters, transients, alarms and wave forms. Simultaneous real-time display of all 4 inputs is available in graphic, vectorial or value-table format.


In Inrush mode, the measurement covers a duration of more than 1 minute.

The Qualistar+ can also capture and record:

  • the Min/Max values
  • up to 300 transients
  • harmonics up to the 50th order
  • 50 screens and curves
  • 10,000 alarms of 40 different types
  • Optional low current CT sets available as an optional accessory

Its storage capacity allows all the parameters to be recorded at the maximum sampling rate over a period of more than one month. The Qualistar's other advantages include: intuitive configuration, online help and the possibility of direct printing. A simple USB link is used for communication with a PC.

Support documents

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Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 data sheet.pdf Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 data sheet
Technical document
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Adobe Acrobat
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Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 user manual.pdf Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 user manual
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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion How do I know if the unit is recording data?
AAnswer Push the cassette button this will enable you to view the status in real time.
QQuestion The unit was running but did not record data on i.e. volts, amps, etc.,what’s wrong?
AAnswer In set-up of the logger you have to make sure you highlight the diamond below the parameter that is to be recorded i.e. volts amps etc., then the return key to store.
QQuestion How do I set the unit up to record transients?
AAnswer Go to main menu using the six purple buttons, press the top left hand button (transients logging), set the time, date and enter the number 50 to set the V & A threshold levels.
QQuestion If I put in a start and stop time in for recording data and a logging time of every 20 seconds, and the memory is full before the stop time is reached will the unit do a wrap round and over write my recorded data?
AAnswer No, when you enter a start and stop time then push the record button the unit will tell you if you have enough memory to carry out your test.