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INSPIRE: Career Path Stories

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The BSRIA annual publication written by summer intern Abigail Teekaram

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BSRIA is delighted to have launched its 5th Career Path Stories publication which was written by workplace student: Abigail Teekaram.
This insightful report looks at the careers of some successful engineers at BSRIA, among its membership and in the industry.

Abigail’s revealing report highlights the career paths of 20 engineering alumni: asking them to summarise their respective careers; what inspired them into their
roles; what influenced their journey; the most enjoyable aspects; notable achievements; what they believe is the essential skillset; and how they found that the job
existed in the first instance!

The work was carried out as part of BSRIA’s INSPIRE project which works with local schools, national and local politicians and the media to promote STEM and change
Its perceptions

Choosing the right engineering path can be an “unnerving process” and one that must be made “early on” before selecting exam options, college courses or
Apprenticeships. The publication showcases the career trajectory of some industry leading lights and showcases specifics on the myriad of of careers in

The report offers a gamut of information on: entry routes, what inspired them to purse respective careers, what importance their career serves within the built environment,
the most enjoyable aspects of the role and most interesting projects undertaken.

History has shown that those who pursue engineering and science arguably make the biggest impact to the world: incredible minds provide us with incredible ideas we once
Might have thought as unbelievable but are now entrenched in our society.

The BSRIA INSPIRE project is working with local schools, national and local politicians and the media to promote STEM and change its perceptions.

It raises the question of why are STEM subjects important? What does engineering mean for you? Why does technology matter? There is one answer to those three questions
Which is quite simply “everything”

Product details

  • Published: November 2018
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Author: Abigail Teekaram