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Testo 310 standard set

Contact Instrument Solutions


The Testo 310 has a rugged design for all basic measurements on domestic heating systems and it has a long battery life of up to 10 hours. It has has two measurement cells for O2 and CO, and a temperature sensor integrated into the flue gas probe. The gas sensors measure the oxygen and carbon monoxide content as well as the flue gas and ambient temperature. From this data, all relevant measurement parameters such as CO2 value, efficiency and flue gas loss are calculated.


  • Robust and light weight for daily use
  • Suitable for rough and dirty surroundings
  • Illuminated, two line display and clear menu structure.
  • Easy to operate
  • Replaceable probe filter
  • Integrated magnets for quick mounting
  • Integrated condensate trap
  • Optional IR printer


Storage temperature -20 to +50°C

Operating temperature - 5 to + 45 °C

Weight 700 g

Dimensions L 201 mm x W 83 mm x H 44 mm

Temperature measuring range 0 to + 1000 °C (NOTE : Standard flue gas probe 400 °C maximum temperature capability)

Temperature accuracy ± 1.0 °C (0 to 100 °C), ± 1.5 % of m.v. remaining range

Draught measurement range - 20 to + 20 hPa

Draught accuracy ± 0.03 hPa (- 3.00 to + 3.00 hPa) ± 1.5 % of mv (remaining range)

Differential pressure measurement range - 40 to + 40 hPa

Pressure accuracy ± 0.5 hPa

Pressure resolution 0.1 hPa

O2 measurement range 0 to 21 vol. %

O2 accuracy ± 0.2 vol. %

O2 resolution 0.1 vol. %

O2 speed of response t90 < 20 sec

CO measurement range 0 to 4000 ppm

CO accuracy ± 20 ppm (0 to 400 ppm), ± 1.5 % of mv (401 to 2000 ppm), ± 10 % of mv (2001 to 4000 ppm)

CO resolution 1 ppm

CO speed of response t90 < 60 sec

Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion Can I use the Testo 310 combustion analyser to measure vehice exhaust emissions?
AAnswer Definately no. These instruments are unsuitable for use on vehicle exhaust emissions, and if used incorrectly it will damage the gas measurement cells.
QQuestion Can you purchase replacement gas cells?
AAnswer No, all gas cells must we fitted by an Approved Service Company such as BSRIA Instrument Solutions as they may require adjustment or the upgrade of parameters such as instrument firmware.