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BSRIA Foundation Training Programme

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A City & Guilds assured platform for the development of practical skills needed to deliver high level professional building services.

      • Foundation training programme
      • 1st delegate: £250.00Subsequent delegates: £250.00

BSRIA has developed the BSRIA Foundation training programme with the aim to support the building services industry in its continuous efforts to improve the quality of its services and to attract graduates and newcomers by providing exciting learning opportunities that will guide young engineers on their career path.

The Programme has been created by BSRIA team of professionals and is assured by City & Guilds.

It offers a broad range of courses which are relevant to new practitioners, covering Legislation, including Building Regulations, Management of Construction and Commissioning Process and an array of Technical topics that ensure reliant, efficient and effective building services. 

The programme can be tailored to an individual or to groups’ needs, is designed to be completed in 12 to 18 months and is complementary to the employers’ own in-house training programmes.

The BSRIA Foundation Training Programme (BFTP) supports employees and employers by

  1. Offering solid knowledgebase for successful start and progression of employees’ career
  2. Creating development paths for newcomers that encourages retention of staff  
  3. Putting real-life challenges against practical solutions by learning from industry experts
  4. Developing and enhancing practical skills required for graduates to become high value employees as early as possible in their careers
  5. Ensuring that years of experience currently vested in older employees is being retained and re-invested in a new generation.

Programme structure

  • BFTP comprises 16 modules (courses) with each carrying the value of 3 Foundation credits
  • Participants can choose the set of modules (courses) that suit their individual or group needs
  • BSRIA/City & Guild award is won by those who have earned 18 Foundation credits
  • Due to its specific function the programme assumes the physical attendance of courses

Who should attend?

  • New entrants to the Built Environment industry, including graduates
  • Project managers who need to broaden their industry knowledge to better manage sub-contractors
  • Training Managers 
  • Senior Engineers in new roles

Choice of modules

How the scheme operates

  • Delegates register with BSRIA
  • Working together with BSRIA, the organisation and delegates agree a suitable learning programme
  • Each completed module awards the delegate 6 CPD hours and 3 Foundation credits
  • Each delegate needs to earn 18 Foundation credits to receive a certificate of achievement on completion
  • Delegates can attend the BSRIA scheduled open courses or BSRIA can deliver the modules to groups of employees at venues agreed with the employer
  • On completion the delegate receives a certificate of completion