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Understanding Soft Landings

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BSRIA is introducing an on line version of the BSRIA training course on Soft Landings, which will be conducted as a series of four webinar modules over two days.

      • 07 December 2020 - 9:30am4 x 1hour sessions over 2 consecutive days
      • 1st delegate: £240.00 (£180.00 for Members)Subsequent delegates: £240.00 (£180.00 for Members)

BSRIA Soft Landings has been increasingly specified by clients since its inception in 2008. With the changes to the UK BIM framework, GSL or Government Soft Landings, which is based on BSRIA Soft Landings, is also being specified by more clients. Learn with our BSRIA experts how to adopt the UK construction industry’s de facto project performance improvement process and how to maximise the smoothness of transition between construction and operations phases of a building’s lifecycle. Delivered in 4 one hour sessions, you will cover the concept and culture, history and detailed process of Soft Landings (both BSRIA and GSL). 

Day 1 - 7th December 2020

9.30 am: Module 1 - Introduction to the concept of Soft Landings, it’s history and a high level overview of how it works.

11.30 am: Module 2 - The second part of the journey takes you through the first three phases of the Soft Landings process; Inception and Briefing, Design and Construction.

Day 2 - 8th December 2020

9.30 am: Module 3 - The penultimate session will cover the last 3 phases of  pre-handover, initial aftercare and extended aftercare and POE.

11.30 am: Module 4 - The final part of the training summarises the three sessions with a focus on the FAQs regarding cost and value, cases studies and a short piece specific to GSL.

Product details

  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • CPD: 4 hours