World Building Automation Controls Systems 2024/R2023


The global BACS product market grew by nearly 6% in 2023 to reach USD 7.1 bn. However, the market continues to show wide variations between individual countries. A common feature of all markets is the exceptional demand for building analysis and optimisation, which manifests itself principally in strong sales growth of software and sensors.

BSRIA’s World BACS studies establish current market sizes, trends and drivers, and shares of software, hardware, DDC,room, and field level controllers. The studies provide market forecast and assesses key trends, such as:

  1. The impact of net zero objectives and regulations 
  2. The growing importance of real time data, software and analytics
  3. Uptake of convergence and integration of building services
  4. Penetration of IP and key communications protocols.

BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence division (WMI) has been providing specialist market intelligence for over 30 years.Its multinational staff conduct primary and secondary research with a wide network of industry contacts to source detailed, reliable data across multiple product areas.

There are 8 Countries covered; from 2022 to 2028 - France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom & USA

And a further 3 Countries covered from 2021 to 2027 - Chile, Colombia & Ecuador

Reports are provided in PDF & EXCEL Format

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  • Published: March 2024