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HVAC 2030 – A BSRIA event exploring the future of residential heating markets

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BSRIA is currently working on a strategic study exploring likely scenarios of the future of the residential heating market in view of environmental and legislative pressures for the industry to change and focus on buildings’ de-carbonization and electrification

      • 03 November 2021 - 13:00pm(CET 2:00pm) ( US ET 9:00am) 2 hours
      • Delegate(s): £0.00
      • Online webinar

The focus of this study is the US, China & Europe and use BSRIA’s vast historical HVAC data and technical expertise combined with modelling and primary research to evaluate how the residential heating market might evolve and react in view of political Net Zero ambition targets. We will evaluate both, technology, and market readiness for the change that the achievement of these targets will require and define the prospective options and opportunities in terms of products and solutions likely to succeed by 2030.

Join us at our next free webinar on the 3rd of November at 1-3 pm (GMT), when we will have the opportunity to set the scene, discuss challenges and opportunities for the industry, with presentations from the BSRIA team and external speakers, providing facilitation of discussion among the speakers and participants of the webinar whereas you could not only gain insight into some of BSRIA’s knowledge of the industry worldwide but also to exchange views on how the industry will meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Net Zero target endeavors by 2030 and beyond.

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  • Published: September 2021