Raytek ST80 | IR thermometer

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Available to hire is the Raytek ST80 infrared thermometer, battery, manual and case

Suited to the most demanding applications, the Raytek ST80 Infrared Thermometer includes innovative features like multi-point circular laser sighting, a wide temperature range and 12-point datalogging. The unit is rugged and durable with a temperature range of -32 to 760°C; a response time of .05 second (95% of reading); weight 320g , these are just a few of Raytek’s ST80 Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer’s specifications, but its simple operation sequence of point, shoot and read is what makes gathering temperature data easier than ever.


Facility maintenance, HVAC systems, food safety, electrical and industrial and marine maintenance are just some of the areas in which the Raytek ST80 can be employed. Powered by 9V alkaline or NiCad batteries, Raytek’s ST80’s target spot sizes are D:S=50:1 at focus point. The ST80 can be tripod-mounted for hands-free operation.

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