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DP Measurements TT550S

Contact Instrument Solutions

TT550S dry cell high resolution micromanometer, 3m red rubber tubing, 3m blue rubber tubing, 2 x tubing adaptors, carry case, cradle and calibration certificate


The DP Measurements TT550 series of micromanometers come with a unique differential capacitance transducers and programmable auto zero facility. Each can store up to three pitot tube factors, up to four duct settings and a maximum of 2500 readings. Models available include dry cell and rechargeable options.


Auto ranging Automatically changes scale and resolution depending upon the pressure being applied. Ensuring accurate readings at all times. Maximum pressure range 5.0 kPa.

Over range If the applied pressure is greater than the calibration limit. Display will indicate - - - - - - - -, to protect the instrument from being damaged.

Data logging Up to 2500 readings can be stored either manually or automatically with date and time stamp. Data can be viewed on display with averaging function, which can be downloaded to a PC via the RS 232 output socket using the optional software.

Display For easy viewing, the main digits are 10 mm high, unit of measurement, fast or slow mode, when the auto zero is in operation, number memory location used and with back light.

Audible feedback Can be heard when a key is pressed thus giving that extra confidence.

Multiple ranges Select the unit of measurement via the range key.

Auto switch off For a longer battery life.

Auto zero No need to disconnect the instrument from the pressure source to zero.


Pressure range ± 0.06 to 99.99 Pa, ± 100.0 to 999.9 Pa, ± 1000 to 5000 Pa

Velocity range Elliposoidal 2.00 to 90.0 m/sec, dpm-i 0.27 to 30.0 m/sec, dpm Ane 0.27 to 25.0 m/sec

Accuracy Please see manufacturers datasheet

Operational temperature 0 to 50 oC

Span stability versus temperature 0.1 % of range in use per oC

Zero drift Negligible due to auto zero system, when auto zero set to 60 second intervals (2 minute warm up)

Zero system accuracy ± 0.05 Pascal typical

Orientation effect (any 45o change) 0.1 Pascal typical

Output socket RS 232 (baud rate 9600)

Data logging Up to 2500

Software Download data to PC in basic form

Power source Dry cell (MN1604, PP3) or rechargeable

System air leak 0.1 ml/minute at 5 KPa (typical)

Safe line / differential pressure 15 KPa

Storage temperature limits - 5 to + 50 oC

Weight 555 g with battery

Dimensions 45 mm x 92 mm x 185 mm

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DP Measurements TT550 series data sheet.pdf DP Measurements TT550 series data sheet
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DP Measurements TT550 series user manual.pdf DP Measurements TT550 series user manual
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