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Airflow Lufttechnik DB3 | Digital barometer

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Available to purchase or hire is the Airflow Lufttechnik DB3 digital barometer complete with battery

Compact absolute digital pressure meter for measuring atmospheric pressure. Being small in size this makes the meter ideal for use on-site, it is microprocessor controlled technology and will record maximum and minimum values as well as a hold function which retains the last reading before switching modes. The unit is very well suited for use as a vacuum gauge.

Selectable measurement units of kPa, hPa, mbar, and in H2O. Instrument pressure range - 100 kPa to + 200 kPa (- 1000 mbar to 2000 mbar)


Analog output      - 1 to + 1 volt

DC accuracy      0.5 % of full scale at 22 °C ± 1 digit

Temperature drift      0.04 % / °C of measuring range final value

Overload range      2 x full scale

Response time      0.5 seconds

Display      4-digit LCD display

Resolution       0.005 % FS, 0.05 % P> 0.5 ME, 0.005 % 0 > P> -0.1 ME, 0.05 % - 0.1 % ME> P>-ME, (ME = full scale value)

Temperature measurement        1 °C resolution

Temperature accuracy      1 °C

Display temperature measuring range       0 to 60 °C

Storage temperature range       - 10 to + 70 °C

Operating temperature range       0 to 50 °C

Power supply       9 V battery

Pressure connection        Universal hose connections 3 to 6 mm inner diameter

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