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World Market for Heat Pumps 2018/R2017


From installers to providers in heating, renewables to solar thermal needing updates to changes in zero-energy efficient building requirements, BSRIA’s 13 country reports provide deep analysis, a 5-year forecast, with sales volume and product segments.


Key Findings
The World Heat Pump market increased by 28% year-on-year to a total volume of sales reaching almost 3.1 million units. The share of air-water split heat pump systems are still the most popular heat pumps, driven largely by strong demand from the Chinese market. China has been a major contributor to the heat pump market expansion, with sales accelerating by 45% from 2015. The Coal to Electricity Policy played a notable role in that boom.

In Europe, the effects of the recovery in the new construction sector and stricter regulation in building energy consumption were hampered by low oil prices. The heat pump market grew by 4.8% after an increase of almost 10% in 2015. General elections in the UK and in France were also reported to have negatively affected the market. The outlook is for positive growth in the years to come with the continuous penetration of air sourced units at a global level. Despite a slow growing economy, China will remain the driving force as the demand for units supplying domestic hot water will expand further.

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  • Published: May 2018
  • Publisher: BSRIA