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Vaisala SHM40

Contact Instrument Solutions


The Vaisala SHM40 offers an easy and reliable solution for humidity measurements in concrete and other structures using the borehole method. In this method, a humidity probe is left in the borehole until the humidity in the hole has reached an equilibrium state and the stabilised values can be read.

The interchangeable HMP40S probes connect easily to the HM40 indicator with a snap-on connector enabling convenient use of multiple probes with one indicator. The measurement data can be displayed in numeric, graphic or statistic views. The rugged HMP40S probes are IP65 classified and conform to the ASTM standard F2170-09.


The structural humidity kit package includes:

  • HM40 indicator with a quick connection adapter
  • HMP40S RH&T probe with a cable
  • Calibration certificate (traceable, ISO9001 compliant)
  • 12 pcs plastic tubes (19266HM)
  • 12 pcs rubber plugs (233976)
  • 3 pcs protective covers with lid (19268HM)
  • Weather-proof carrying case with a shoulder strap
  • Alkaline batteries 2 x AA sized, 1.5V (LR6)
  • User's guide in English


Please refer to the product data sheet for the instrument technical specification.

Demonstration video

Overview of the Vaisala SHM40 structural moisture measurement kit

Support documents

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Vaisala SHM40 user manual.pdf Vaisala SHM40 user manual
Technical document
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Vaisala SHM40 data sheet.pdf Vaisala SHM40 data sheet
Technical document
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