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Energy Conservatory DG-1000

Contact Instrument Solutions


A high resolution touch screen dual channel pressure and flow gauge which can be used to control Energy Conservatory blower door or duct leakage systems. With a typical battery life of over 15 hours of continuous use and connections options which includes WiFi, this is the ideal instrument for the busy air tightness engineer. Other useful features include powerful mounting magnets, a fan speed slider option on the display to let you control directly from the gauge, and a hold function which allows you to record your readings with ease.


DG-1000 features

  • High resolution touch screen: Gives you improved visibility and usability with the touch of your finger
  • Intelligent micro-processor: Puts the power of a mini computer in the palm of your hand
  • Future-proof technology: Continually equips you with the latest software and App additions
  • Accurate readings at 0.9%
  • Intuitive landscape orientation: Makes holding the DG-1000 naturally comfortable.
  • Fan speed slider: Lets you control your fan directly from the gauge for efficient testing
  • Hold function: Gives you time to record readings with ease
  • Lithium batteries: Equips you with a rechargeable and replaceable power source on the job
  • Product compatibility: Works with all TEC equipment and software for seamless use
  • WiFi, USB and ethernet ports: Provides you with a variety of connection options
  • Texturized durable case: Ensures optimal grip in rugged environments and protects your gauge from accidental damage
  • Powerful mounting magnets: Provides dependable and convenient mounting options


Pressure range ±2,500 Pa

Display resolution 0.1 Pa for readings 0 - 999.9 Pa : 1 Pa for readings 1000 Pa and larger

Accuracy at typical use conditions 0.9% of pressure reading or 0.12 Pa, whichever is greater

Units of measure Channel A - Pa : Channel B - Pa, m3/h, flow@25m3/h, flow@50m3/h, flow@75m3/h, ACH50, flow25(m3/h)m3, flow25(m3/h)100m3, flow50(m3/h)m3, flow50(m3/h)100m3, flow75(m3/h)m3, flow75(m3/h)100m3, also equivalent l/s and imperial units.

Auto-zero On start up and then once every 10 seconds

Time averaging 1, 5, 10 seconds and long-term (continuous update)

Battery life Over 15 hours of continuous use with default settings / 13 hours of continuous use with default settings and WiFi active

Support documents

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TEC DG-1000 data sheet.pdf TEC DG-1000 data sheet
Technical document
File type
Adobe Acrobat
Download (565 KB)
TEC DG-1000 quick user guide.pdf TEC DG-1000 quick user guide
Technical document
File type
Adobe Acrobat
Download (1 MB)
Energy Conservatory Tectite Express UK V4.0.59.0 software (ATTMA).exe Energy Conservatory Tectite Express UK V4.0.59.0 software (ATTMA)
File type
Windows software
Download (14 MB)