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Alnor EBT721 | Balometer

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The Alnor EBT721 multifunction electronic balancing tool is an easy to use, light weight, instrument that includes a 610 x 610mm (2'x 2') air capture hood, the EBT720 detachable manometer and an 450mm (18") pitot tube.

Typical application include:-

• Air volume measurements in HVAC system when adjusting and balancing • HEPA filter testing • Clean room verification


  • Easy to use with large digital display
  • Micromanometer can be easily detatched so it can be used in a variety of applications
  • Back pressure compensation
  • Metric and imperial unit options
  • Log up to 1000 readings
  • Auto zeroring technology
  • CompDat software and RS232 lead for the downloading of data
  • Fast response time
  • Automatic density correction

The optional hoods are supplied as a complete kit for the Instrument Solutions hire models. The hood sizes are as follows:-

610 mm x 1220mm (24 in.x 48in.), 305 mm x 1220mm (12 in.x 48in.), 305 mm x 1525mm (12 in.x 60 in.) and 915 mm x 915 mm (36 in.x 36 in.)

The Instrument Solutions Hire models are also supplied with conventional (non rechargeable) batteries, and without the duct static pressure probes.


Flow range      12 to 1180 l/s (42 to 4250 m3/hr)

Accuracy volume      ±3 % reading and ±4 l/s

Weight (standard hood)      3.4 kg

Batteries      4 AA size batteries

Battery life     12 hours typical use

General note : The Alnor EBT 720 / EBT721 is an equivalent model to the TSI PH720 / PH721 / PH731 product.

TSI / Airflow PH731 | Balometer
TSI / Airflow PH731 | Balometer
Available to hire and buy from Instrument Solutions is the TSI / Airflow PH731 electronic balometer, comprises of meter (PH731), handle, batteries, PSU, base unit, 610 mm x 610 mm hood kit, swirl X flow conditioner, 450 mm pitot tube, x2 static pressure tubes, tubing, case, USB link lead, software CD and manual

Support documents

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Alnor EBT720 & 721 user manual.pdf Alnor EBT720 & 721 user manual
Technical document
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Alnor EBT720/721 data sheet.pdf Alnor EBT720/721 data sheet
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