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Sinergy e-TRacKER 2B | Energy monitor

Contact Instrument Solutions

The e-TRacKER 2B is a portable kWh meter, allowing you to monitor the incoming power supply to show the pattern of demand over an hour, day, week or month. It is portable instrument giving you the flexibility to use it for measuring circuits and specific equipment without the need to have a fixed sub-metering solution.

The meter displays average and peak demand to enable the calculation of load factor, and through measurement it creates a pattern of usage. This information helps the user to determine any causes of demand excursions and potential unauthorised consumption.


  • Works with a wide range of CTs, including split core and bobbin CTs
  • Flexeclamp CTs are included in the instrument kit, giving flexibility to get to hard to reach cables
  • Measures current from 10 Amps to 2500 Amps
  • Magnetic back for easy mounting
  • Pulse input
  • Optional voltage connections
  • CT amps range indicator
  • EV-Trac electrostatic phase identifier
  • Data is downloadable via USB memory stick
  • Has 16 days battery life or can be run off mains supply
  • Optical or magnetic gas meter reader available.

Support documents

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Sinergy e-tracker 2B data sheet.pdf Sinergy e-tracker 2B data sheet
Technical document
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Adobe Acrobat
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Sinergy e-tracker 2B user manual.pdf Sinergy e-tracker 2B user manual
Technical document
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Adobe Acrobat
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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion I don't have a disk drive on my laptop - how do I download the Deltrax5 software for the Sinergy e-Tracker?
AAnswer This can be downloaded from the manufacturers website: