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TSI / Airflow PH731

Contact Instrument Solutions


The TSI / Airflow PH731 is a multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument primarily used for efficiently taking direct air volume readings at diffusers and grilles. It features a detachable micromanometer which can be used with optional probes for increased flexibility in multiple measurement applications. This lightweight, ergonomically designed capture hood kit saves time and money by combining multiple measurement tools into one package. Typical application include:-

• Air volume measurements in HVAC system when adjusting and balancing • HEPA filter testing • Clean room verification


PH731 air capture hood features and benefits

  • Ergonomic design and ultra light weight for easy, one-person operation
  • Automatically senses and displays supply or return flows, saving time on the job
  • Back pressure compensation ensures accurate readings
  • Multiple hood sizes available for easy, cost effective use across multiple jobs
  • Detachable PH730 digital micromanometer offers flexibility to use in multiple applications

Detachable PH730 micromanometer features and benefits

  • Accurately measures pressure, velocity and flow to help you meet industry standards
  • Auto-zeroing pressure sensor reduces user-steps and saves time
  • Automatic density correction increases reading accuracy
  • Intuitive menu structure allows for ease of use and setup
  • Large graphic display with backlight offers easy-to-use interface - displays up to five measurements simultaneously with on-screen messages and instructions
  • Integrated Log-Tchebycheff duct traverse application simplifies calculations
  • Bluetooth communications for transferring data or remote polling
  • Includes downloading software with USB cable
  • Accommodates optional pitot, air flow (straight pitot), temperature/relative humidity, velocity matrix, or thermoanemometer probes for use in multiple applications

Pro Hood stand features and benefits (Available as an accessory or as part of PH730 bundle - see separate web entry)

The PH731 Pro Hood stand enables you to reach high ceiling diffusers without the need for a ladder. It is ideal when used in combination with the new LogDat Smart application for Android-based phones and tablets, allowing remote readings to be made, stored and exported for report generation

  • Eliminates ladder use and movement
  • Reaches diffusors and grilles up to 4.5 m height
  • Easy to set up and move - wheeled stand with 2 extension pole sections

LogDat Mobile App features and benefits

  • Simultaneously display up to 5 measurements in real-time
  • Save data into local Test ID
  • Attach photos, voice and text notes
  • E-mail/export data for report generation
  • Graphing capability


Volume flow range      12 to 1180 l / s (42 to 4250 m/ hr)

Volume flow accuracy     ± 3 % reading and ± 4 l / s

Weight (standard hood)      3.4 kg

Batteries     4 AA size batteries

Battery life     12 hours typical use

General notes :

The PH730 / PH731 model with USB interface and improved user features replaced the PH721 / PH720 product in June 2012.

If purchased separately the LogDat Mobile App can be purchased and downloaded thru Google play. Alternatively if ordered with a Pro Hood PH731 instrument after registering your product you´ll receive a link to download the App without any additional charge.

TSI / Airflow PH731 bundle
TSI PH731 bundle, comprising of PH731 with standard accessories, TSI ProHood stand and tablet PC preloaded with LogDat mobile app

Demonstration videos

TSI ProHood stand set up video
TSI ProHood product overview video
TSI LogDat mobile App - General use video

Support documents

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TSI / Airflow PH730 & PH731 data sheet.pdf TSI / Airflow PH730 & PH731 data sheet
Technical document
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TSI / Airflow PH730 & PH731 user manual.pdf TSI / Airflow PH730 & PH731 user manual
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TSI K factor application note.pdf TSI K factor application note
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TSI swirl conditional application note.pdf TSI swirl conditional application note
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