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A multi-function compact digital micromanometer with backlit display. The instrument is auto-ranging, auto-zeroing, is able to give true pressure, velocity and live volume readings with optional temperature measurement using K Type probes.

A maximum of 4000 readings can be stored in the manometer at any one time; up to 9 different locations are available. Readings can be downloaded using DpmUsb Software, which can also be used for continuous monitoring utilising the PC to set parameters.



Stand alone instrument is available in metric (ST650M) and imperial (ST650I) versions.

The ST610-ane version is supplied with the dpm anemometer head.

The ST610-hood comes complete is a hood assembly for determining flow rates from grilles and diffusers.

For details of the ST610-ane and ST610-hood products detailed on the data sheet(s) please see the separate entries on our website.

Standard accessories

• 2 x 6 mm tubing adaptors (1) • 3 m x 2 mm bore flexible tubing (2) • calibration certificate • instruction manual • soft rubber protective case • carry case

Optional accessories

dpm-ane velocity head • DpmUsb software • pitot static tubes • temperature probes

DpmUsb software

DpmUsb software can be used for downloading data and / or for monitoring.

DpmUsb software allows the engineer to select the auto zero time, the auto store time and the default temperature and barometer settings; 10 pitot tube factors and 10 K factors can be stored on the PC.

Data can be viewed and printed in report and / or graph form; it can also be arranged in a database with the engineer choosing the visible fields, location names and how the data is organised.

The on-screen multi-view display offers a choice of digital monitors and gauges with the maximum and minimum values of all gauges being user set.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If this software is not purchased with an instrument, the associated micromanometer may require an upgrade to get it to function correctly. Please call our sales team for further advice.

Instrument Hire Models

All Instrument Hire models are the ST650M version and are supplied for non-logging purposes, and include a calibration certificate, a 305 mm pitot tube for velocity measurements in a robust transit case for ease of delivery / collection.  The dpm ane is available as an optional extra to hire. DpmUsb software can be purchased and is required to enable download of logged data.  Kit comes with minimum of 1 metre red and 1 metre blue tubing.

Instrument Hire model is shown within the images section of this page.


Pressure range       ± 0.4 to 5000 Pa, ± 0 to 20.0 in H2O

Velocity range      0.70 to 90.0 m/sec, 138 to 17730 ft/min

Volume range      13.0 to 555 l/sec, 28.0 to 1176 cfm

Temperature range       0 to 500.0 °C, 0 to 932 °F

Accuracy      Please see manufacturers datasheet

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