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TSI / Airflow LCA301

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The TSI / Airflow LCA301 is a light weight, robust, and simple to use 100mm diameter rotating vane anemometer that provides accurate and reliable readings every time. Ideal for HVAC commissioning at grilles, ducts, and diffusers; the LCA301 displays readings in metric or imperial mode. Features include:

- Reversible 100mm head for supply and extract grills
- Calculates volumetric flow rate
- Compatible with Aircone flow hoods
- No density correction factor required
- Automatic averaging of air velocity


The LCA301 product can be supplied with an optional rectangular and circular aircone kit which turns the instrument into an air volume balancing tool.


Velocity measurement range     0.25 to 30 m/s

Temperature range     0 to 60 °C

Volumetric flow rate     1 - 999999 l/s 1 - 999999 m3/h 0.01 – 3000 m3/s

Velocity display resolution      0.01 m/s

Temperature display resolution     0.1 °C

Velocity accuracy      ±1 % reading ±0.02 m/s

Volumetric flow accuracy      None stated by manufacturer

Temperature accuracy      ±1 °C

Storage temperature      -10 to 60 °C

Operating temperature      0 to 60 °C

Power source      9-volt battery and battery life approximately 40 hours continuous use

Dimensions (LWD)       280 mm × 112 mm × 65 mm

Weight      275 g (excluding battery)

TSI / Airflow LCA501
TSI / Airflow LCA501 anemometer, carry case, batteries, manual, USB cable, LogDat2 software and calibration certificate

Support documents

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TSI / Airflow LCA301 & LCA501 data sheet.pdf TSI / Airflow LCA301 & LCA501 data sheet
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TSI / Airflow LCA301 user manual.pdf TSI / Airflow LCA301 user manual
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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion Can you provide the LCA301 with an extension to the handle?
AAnswer No. If an extended handle is required this option is available on the LCA501 model.
QQuestion Can different duct profiles be entered on the instrument when it is used to measure volumetric flow?
AAnswer Yes, you can enter measurements for square, rectangular as well as circular duct profiles via the menu screens to establish volumetric flows.