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PSIDAC AB 6280_B_Z_250

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PSIDAC AB model 6280_B_Z_250 pressure transducer complete with 230V / 24V DC power supply, x2 1m lengths of silicone tubing, 1m voltage / current output lead and calibration certificate


The FlowGuard 6280 is an advanced transmitter that is designed with the user and installer in mind. It has a simple to use menu that can even quickly convert the bi directional sensor to uni directional version at the press of a button. The 6280 has excellent long term stability and there is even an option for auto-calibration for applications where drift is not accepted. Sensor technology is based on a silicon-based membrane and with a capacitive technique that assures the accuracy and stability.

Applications include clean room pressure monitoring, flow measurement, pressures in VAV boxes and isolation cabinets.


Transducer versions

  • 6280_B_2500, range ±2500 Pa
  • 6280_1250, range 0-1250 Pa
  • 6280_500, range 0-500 Pa
  • 6280_B_250, range ± 250 Pa
  • 6280_B_500, range ± 500 Pa

Transducer options

  • _R_ high and low relay alarms
  • _B_ bi directional
  • _Z_ auto zero calibration and MODBUS
  • _M_ MODBUS
  • _0_ open display (display viewable)

IMPORTANT NOTE : Only the 6280_B_Z_250 product, range ± 250 Pa is available for hire from Instrument Solutions which is ideal for use when data logging flow pressures from Pitot tubes in HVAC ductwork or room pressures in hospital isolation suites.

Non linearity ± 0,5 Pa typical

Stability Typically >1 Pa.(1 year)

Time constant 0.1 - 20 seconds

Outputs 0-5, 1-5, 0-10, 1-10, 2-10 V, 4-20mA, 0-20 mA

Supply voltage & current 15-24 V AC/DC, 50 mA

Dimensions 125 x 90 x 60 mm

Weight 530 g

Pressure connector 5 mm

Support documents

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PSIDAC 6280 pressure transmitter user manual.pdf PSIDAC 6280 pressure transmitter user manual
Technical document
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Adobe Acrobat
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PSIDAC 6280 pressure transmitter data sheet.pdf PSIDAC 6280 pressure transmitter data sheet
Technical document
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