Fluke 9062 | Phase rotation indicator

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The Fluke 9062 three phase rotation indicator is ideal for engineers who are not electricians to be able to establish the direction of rotation of the motors and fans without the need to make an electrical connection. This instrument provides rotary field and motor rotation indication with the benefit of contact-less detection facility which is perfect for use within the LEV and commissioning industries. The handset is additionally supplied with test probes which have a variable clamping range for quick safe contact especially in industrial type sockets.


For full details of the features, please see the data sheet.

  • 3 phase indication via LED
  • Indication of phase rotation
  • Indication of motor rotation direction
  • Contact free determination of the rotation direction of running motors
  • Determine the presence of phase sequence of multiphase electrical supplies
  • Determine the rotation of running motors simply by placing the instrument on the motor casing
  • Check the correct rotation of motors prior to connection


For a full technical specification, please refer to the data sheet.

Voltage range      Up to 400 V

Phase display      120 to 400 V AC

Frequency range       2 to 400 Hz

Operating time     Continuous

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