Extech EX845 | Clamp meter with IR thermometer and Meterlink capabilities

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Available to hire is the Extech EX845 1000 A clamp meter with Meterlink capabilities, The unit comes complete with CAT IV test leads, battery, Type K probe (- 30 to 300 °C), case, and manual

The Extech EX845 clamp meter is a CAT IV 1000 A instrument with IR thermometer and Bluetooth transmitter with MeterLink functionality for use with the FLIR range of thermal imaging cameras.


  • Patented built-in non-contact IR thermometer design with laser pointer
  • True RMS current and voltage measurements
  • Peak hold captures inrush currents and transients
  • MeterLink - Wirelessly transmit data from clamp meter to your infrared camera (certain FLIR models only)
  • MultiMeter functions include AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode, and continuity
  • 43 mm jaw opening
  • 4000 count backlit display
  • Features include data hold and Min/Max and auto power off
  • Autoranging with manual range button

What is MeterLink?

MeterLink displays and documents readings from your Extech moisture or clamp meter directly on your infrared image using Bluetooth wireless connection. MeterLink, a FLIR industry-first technology, it greatly improve your diagnostics, save time annotating readings, eliminate data errors, and adds more customer value to your reports (available on certain FLIR models only).


Range and accuracy:

AC Current     0.1 to 1000 A ± 2.8 %

DC Current      0.1 to 1000 A ± 2.8 %

AC Voltage     0.1 mV to 1000 V ± 1.5 %

DC Voltage     0.1 mV to 1000 V ± 2.8 %

Resistance     0.1 to 40 MΩ ± 1.5 %

Capacitance      0.001 nF to 40,000 μF ± 3.0 %

Frequency      0.001 kHz to 4 kHz ± 1.5 %

IR Temperature      - 50 to 270 ºC accuracy ± 2.0 % rdg or ± 2 ºC

Type K Temperature      - 20 to 760 ºC ± 3 % rdg + 5 ºC

Dimensions      270 mm x 110 mm x 50 mm

Weight       386 g

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Support documents

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Extech 845 data sheet.pdf Extech 845 data sheet
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Extech 845 user manual.pdf Extech 845 user manual
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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion What is the maximum size cable that can be tested?
AAnswer The jaws open 43mm and the maximum current capabilityis 1000A.