Extech MO297 | Moisture meter

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Available to hire only is the Extech MO297 instrument is a pinless moisture psychrometer + IR thermometer + Bluetooth transmitter with MeterLink software used for transmitting data to various FLIR range of thermal imaging cameras.


  • Quickly indicates the moisture content of materials with pinless technology without damaging the surface; Remote pin-type probe (MO290-P included) allows for contact moisture readings (0.9 m cable length)
  • MeterLink - wirelessly transmit data from moisture meter to your infrared camera (certain FLIR models only)
  • Manually store/recall up to 20 labeled readings
  • Works on multiple wood types and other building materials
  • Easy to read, large dual display with automatic backlight feature
  • Simultaneously displays moisture value of wood or material being tested, air temperature, IR temperature, or humidity
  • Pinless measurement depth to 19 mm below the surface
  • Programmable high/low moisture and humidity alarms
  • Designed with a patented IR circuit to measure non-contact surface temperature; 8:1 distance to spot ratio with 0.95 fixed emissivity
  • Built-in humidity/temperature probe measures relative humidity, air temperature plus dew point (DP), vapor pressure, and condensation point
  • Automatic calculation of differential temperature (IR - DP) to determine condensation point
  • Fast analog bargraph
  • Min/Max and data hold
  • Auto power off and low battery indication

What is MeterLink?

MeterLink displays and documents readings from your Extech moisture or clamp meter directly on your infrared image using Bluetooth wireless connection. MeterLink, a FLIR industry-first technology, will: greatly improve your diagnostics, save time annotating readings, eliminate data errors, and add more customer value to your reports (available on certain FLIR models only).


Memory     Manually store/recall 20 data readings

Pinless moisture (non-penetrating)     0 to 99.9 (relative); depth up to 19 mm

Pin-type moisture (probe included)     0 to 99.9 %

Humidity range     0 to 100 % rh

Temperature range (air)    - 29 to + 77 °C

Temperature range (IR)    - 20 to + 200 °C

Vapor pressure range     0 to 20.0 kPa

Dew point range     - 30 to + 100 °C

Mixing ratio     0 to 160 g / kg

IR field of view     8:1 distance to target ratio

Emissivity      0.95 fixed

Dimensions/ Weight      165 mm x 70 mm x 38 mm / 210 g

Demonstration video

Extech moisture meters training video
FLIR E50 and E50bx | Thermal imaging camera
FLIR E50 and E50bx | Thermal imaging camera
Only available for hire are the FLIR E50 and FLIR E50bx, 240 x 180 pixel, thermal imaging cameras
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FLIR E60 | Thermal imaging camera
Available for hire only is the FLIR E60, 320 x 240 pixel thermal imaging camera

Support documents

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Extech MO297 data sheet.pdf Extech MO297 data sheet
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Extech MO297 user manual.pdf Extech MO297 user manual
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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion What does IR field of view of 8:1 mean?
AAnswer The MO297 meter’s IR field of view ratio is 8:1, meaning that if the meter is 80 cm from the target, the diameter (spot) of the object under test must be at least 10cm.