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Testo 470 | Tachometer

Contact Instrument Solutions

Available to buy is the Testo 470 tachometer with SoftCase (protective case) in transport case, adapter, probe tip, surface speed disc, reflectors, batteries and calibration protocol. Optional calibrations are available.

Non-contact and mechanical rpm measurement. The instrument has the ideal combination of optical and mechanical rpm measurement. Reflectors are attached to the object being measured during optical measurement.

The visible, red modulated light beam is directed on the reflector. An optical becomes a mechanical measurement by simply attaching an adapter and cone or running wheel.


  • Optical and mechanical measurement
  • Measures rpm, speeds and lengths.
  • Easy to switch type of measurement.
  • User friendly
  • Max/Min value, last measured value (saves after auto off)
  • Large LCD display
  • "Low Batt" warning


Range      1.0 to 99999.0 rpm (optically)

Accuracy         ± (0.02 % of measure value + 1 digit)

Lengths       Optical with modulated light beam mechanically with adapter and cone or running wheel

Working temperature        0 to 50 °C

Storage temperature       – 20 to + 70 °C

Battery        2 x 1.5VAA

Auto off        30 seconds (mean/max/last measured values are saved)

Dimensions 175 mm x 60 mm x 28 mm (without cone or running wheel)

Weight       190 g