Achieving Carbon Targets and Bridging the Skills Gap (withdrawn) (WP 1/2015)

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This paper looks at what our industry needs from the government to achieve carbon targets and to address the resourcing and skills issues we face.

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There is currently insufficient stimulus from the government and a lack of recognition of the engineering trade. Our schools are ranked for the number of students they get into university, not the number they get onto apprenticeships. And yet, the construction industry needs all types of skills and offers all types of potential careers.

This white paper is the outcome of an executive Diamond Group discussion that addressed the following two questions: What does our industry need from government to deliver and achieve the carbon targets over the next 10 years? and What does our industry need from government to recruit new entrants, upskill the existing workforce and change the diversity of the workforce?

Product details

  • Published: August 2015
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Author: Jeremy Towler