Delta T: March 2019 (DT03/19)

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A very warm welcome to our very first electronic edition of our very own Delta T Magazine.

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In this edition we review our very successful conference from November and follow up with BSRIA favoured methods of overcoming ‘disruption in construction’. Joanne Merry from the Carbon2018 has written an excellent article encouraging property managers to optimise their buildings for health and wellbeing. We conclude with an interview with new director Colin Goodwin and a tribute to Abigail Teekaram and her publication, Inspire.

We hope you find the new edition informative and engaging.


The BSRIA Briefing 2018: Disruption in Construction p 4-6
Circular economy in the built environment p 8 - 10
A vision for digital highways p 12-14
The blockchain and the built environment p 15 - 17
Up and coming legislation and guidance p 18 - 19
Ensuring value for members p 20 -21
Well made buildings: why a wellbeing strategy is vital for property managers p 22 - 25
Question and Answers - sample questions from members answered by BSRIA experts p 26 - 27
Introducing Colin Goodwin p 28 - 29
Inspiring tomorrow's engineers p 32 - 33

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  • Published: February 2019
  • Publisher: BSRIA
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