Design Framework for Building Services 4th Edition (Superseded) (BG 6/2014)

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This edition was published in February 2014 and was superseded by the 5th edition (BG 6/2018) in June 2018

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This edition was published in February 2014 and was superseded by the 5th edition (BG 6/2018) in June 2018

The fourth edition takes account of the latest edition of the RIBA Plan of Work, published in May 2013. It also updates the design activities relating to Building Information Modelling (BIM), especially the production of building information models at different stages of design and the exchange of structured information with a project client.

BG 6 continues to be the industry standard document for building services consultants and contractors to help them clarify and define the extent of their design activity and their design deliverables on any specific project.

The guide contains design activity pro-formas and drawing / model definitions that are used to support contract documentation and to encourage efficient collaborative working between building services and other designers such as architects, structural engineers and also along building services supply chains.

The chapter on BIM has been rewritten to reflect how BIM has progressed. In particular the management of information and the project process for BIM Level 2 is now defined through PAS 1192-2:2013. BIM Level 2 is the government’s requirement for its own projects.

The pro-formas, drawing/model definitions and exemplars in Appendix A have been restructured to match the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 and also align with the draft digital Plan of Work 2013 that has been developed by the BIM Task Group. There are significant changes in the new Stage 3 which incorporates all the design activities from the previous stage E.

The old RIBA Stages J and K which were covered in the previous proforma 6 have now been replaced with new RIBA Stages 5 and 6 although the split between these pairs of Stages has changed significantly.

Users who need to use the third edition (BG 6/2012) can still access this – a pdf is attached to the pdf of the fourth edition, and a download link is provided in both the pdf and hard copy of the guide.

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  • Published: February 2014
  • Publisher: BSRIA
  • Authors: David Churcher & John Sands
  • IBSN: 978-0-86022-727-4