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Introduction to BG6 Design Framework

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A training course using the principles of BSRIA BG6 5th edition, giving the delegates the knowledge to deliver projects more effectively and efficiently

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"Very good course, well presented" - Mark Whaley, Commercial Director, Irwin M&E

The aim of the course is to enable Built Environment professionals to deliver more efficient and more cost effective projects through improved management of design activities, primarily those concerned with building services. Better design management and greater clarity of each designer's role and responsibilities will lead to more profitable projects and less conflict inside project teams.

On completion of this course, delegates will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the different standard models for dividing projects into stages
  • Understand the relationship between project stages and different construction procurement routes
  • Improve awareness of the design deliverables in general and the building services design deliverables in particular for the RIBA Plan of Work stages
  • Become familiar with the drawing definitions and examples published by BSRIA for building services
  • Understand the BSRIA definitions of different stages of BIM model development and the exemplar models that BSRIA has developed
  • Become familiar with the pro-formas for design activity and for drawing production published by BSRIA
  • Have experience of using the BSRIA Design Framework tools and pro-formas on a case study project

Who should attend

This course is designed for graduates and other recent entrants to the construction industry, or anyone who wishes to gain an overview of the framework.


The aims of this course are:

  • To gain an understanding of how to implement the framework into ongoing and future projects.
  • Understand the importance of dividing projects into stages
  • To understand the terminology used in construction projects that are commonly used
  • Have experience of using the BSRIA Design Framework tools and pro-formas on a case study project
  • Undersatand other topics and tools which work alongside with BG6 standards.

Content and timings

Registration commences at 0900 and the course will run from 0930 until 1630. Lunch and refreshments are included.

The following topics are covered:

Session 1: The RIBA Plan of Work, design and construction moving from generic to specific considerations, and the key activities of different disciplines through the PoW stages. Presentation + discussion

Session 2: Pinch‐points in building services design and how/when design is handed over
from design consultants to contractors. BG 6 as a tool to clarify scopes of work. Presentation + group activity

Session 3: BG 6 in more detail – guidance, design activity schedules, design deliverables
and illustration. How the Appendices are used in practice. Presentation + group activity + discussion

Session 4: BG 6 in the bigger picture – relationship to contracts, similar resources used by other disciplines. Presentation + discussion + quick quiz.


Delegates are provided with a copy of all the slides presented, a copy of the BSRIA publication BG6/2018 - Design Framework for Building Services and a BSRIA CPD certificate. Copies of this publication are available for purchase from the BSRIA Bookshop


David Churcher
David Churcher is an expert on management processes within the building sector. He has authored BSRIA publications on whole life costing, customer-supplier relationships and has also delivered training and workshops on supply chain management, innovation in construction, and Soft Landings. Read more.

In-company training

This course can also be run in-company. We can customise the courses to meet the training needs of your staff. For more information, or for a quote email

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