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Chauvin Arnoux CA8334 - 3 000A | Power analyser

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Designed for verification and maintenance departments in industrial or administrative buildings, the Qualistar CA8334 enables the user to obtain an instant picture of the main characteristics of electrical network quality.

Handy and very compact, this instrument also gives numerous calculated values and several processing functions in line with current standards such as EN 50160, IEC 61000-4-15, IEC 61000-4-30 and IEC 61000-4-7.


  • Colour LCD screen for graphic display
  • 3 structured display modes: observation, diagnosis, monitoring
  • Complete three-phase analysis: voltage, current, power / energy, harmonics (up to 50th order), flicker, measurement of transients, alarm trigger
  • Processing of data via PC software QualistarView or DataViewer Pro
  • Recording of 12 screens
  • Compliant with IEC 61010-1, 600V Cat.IV
  • Optional 5 to 100 A CT sets available as an accessory

QualistarView software

  • Complete instrument configuration via software: setup, recording and alarms modes.
  • Recorded and alarm data processing.
  • Graphic representation of data in Windows operating environment
  • Data analysis in compliance with EN 50160 standard
  • Screen printout and transient transfers in BMP format
  • 3D representation of harmonics
  • Data to spread sheet transfer (Excel)

Important note:  For PC connection a 9 pin serial (RS232) port is required or a USB to RS232 converter. If USB only is required please see the CA8335 model,


General : The Instrument Solutions models come in two versions with 100 A or 3000 A nominal rated CT's. The 100 A CT's are rated for use over the range 100 mA to 120 A, and the 3000 A CT's are rated for use between 10 and 3000 A.

Power supply      Mains 110 V and 230 V with a NiMH (9.6 V) rechargeable battery

Operating temperature      0 to +50 °C

Storage temperature      -40 °C to +70 °C

Standards      EN IEC 61010, 600 V cat. III, double insulation for inputs and outputs

Dimensions (L x W x H)      180 x 55 x 240 mm

Weight      1.5 kg with battery

Frequency range      40 - 70 Hz

Accuracy voltage/current      ± 0.5 % Power: ± 1 %

Accuracy power factor ± 0.01

Accuracy frequency      ± 0.01 Hz

Accuracy THD (total harmonic distortion)      ± 1 % L ± 2 pts

Accuracy energy      ± 1 %

Sampling frequency      12.8 kHz / channel at 50 Hz

Memory      4 Mbytes

Chauvin Arnoux CA8334 - 10 000A | Power analyser
Chauvin Arnoux CA8334 - 10 000A | Power analyser
Available to hire from BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the Chauvin Arnoux CA8334 Qualistar power analyser complete with 3 x 10 000A MN93 current transformers, QualistarView software, RS232 PC lead, 4 x 3m leads fitted with banana plugs, 4 crocodile clips, 1 mains lead, user manual and calibration certificate.
Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 | Power analyser
Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 | Power analyser
Available to hire from BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the Chauvin Arnoux CA8335 Qualistar Plus power analyser.

Support documents

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Chauvin Arnoux CA8334 data sheet.pdf Chauvin Arnoux CA8334 data sheet
Technical document
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Adobe Acrobat
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Chauvin Arnoux CA8334 user manual.pdf Chauvin Arnoux CA8334 user manual
Technical document
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Common customer questions & answers

QQuestion How do I know if the unit is recording data?
AAnswer Push the cassette button this will enable you to view the status in real time.
QQuestion The unit was running but did not record data on i.e. volts, amps, etc., what’s wrong?
AAnswer In set-up of the logger you have to make sure you highlight the diamond below the parameter that is to be recorded i.e. volts amps etc., then the return key to store.
QQuestion How do I set the unit up to record transients?
AAnswer Go to main menu using the six purple buttons, press the top left hand button (transientslogging), set the time, date and enter the number50 to set theV & A threshold levels.