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Dakota ZX-2 | Ultrasonic thickness gauge

Contact Instrument Solutions

The ZX-2 ultrasonic thickness gauge is a simple to use fixed velocity gauge that requires no special training to operate. Calibration is done by simply selecting a common material from a list of material types. The gauge is designed and built to withstand the roughest industry conditions, it is affordable and has a 5 year limited warranty. If you’re looking for a quality instrument to reliably meet or exceed your application expectations, look no further.

The ZX-2 has 8 common pre set material types and 2 user programmable types. This makes the ZX-2 a little more flexible for those users that have a need to measure more than one material type. The simple PC program allows the user to program the ZX-2 for two additional set material types.


  • Keypad is a sealed membrane that is resistant to both water and petroleum products. Eight tactile-feedback keys
  • Low battery indicator on display. Unit turns off automatically when battery is too low to operate reliably
  • Multi-function 7 segment 4.5 digit liquid crystal display. Two 14 segment fields for labels and values, and one 7 segment field for labels and values. Additional icons to indicate features and modes
  • Backlight is selectable on/off/auto, and selectable brightness (Lo, Med, Hi) options
  • Bar graph indicates stability of reading
  • 5 year limited warranty


Measuring range 0.63 to 914.4 mm, range dependent on material and transducer type

Measuring units English and metric

Display resolution 0.01 mm

Velocity range 305 to 18,542 m/sec

PRF  200 Hz

Display update rate 10 Hz

Power source Two 1.5 V alkaline, 1.2 V NiCad, or 1.5 V Lithium AA batteries

Operating time Typically operates for 45 hours on alkaline batteries and 23 hours on NiCad batteries

Size  Width 63.5 mm x height 114.3 mm x depth 31.5 mm

Weight  312 g

Operating temperature - 30 to 75 oC

Case material Extruded aluminum body with nickel-plated aluminum end caps (gasket sealed)

Velocity Settings Adjustable on keypad and selectable from 8 factory pre sets and 2 programmable custom velocity options:
Velocity chart
1. Steel 5918 mm
2. Stainless 5664 mm
3. Aluminum 2024 .2510 / 6375
4. Cast Iron 4572 mm
5. Plexiglass 2692 mm
6. PVC 2388 mm
7. Polystyrene 2337 mm
8. Polyurethane 1778 mm
9. Custom
10. Custom
Note - Other common material velocities are detailed in the user manual

Transducer Dual element (transmit and receive), 1 to 10 MHz frequency range, locking quick disconnect LEMO connectors, 123 cm cable. Please note that custom transducers are available for special applications

Support documents

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Dakota ZX-2 user manual.pdf Dakota ZX-2 user manual
Technical document
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Dakota ZX-2 data sheet.pdf Dakota ZX-2 data sheet
Technical document
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