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Trends in the global HVAC market

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Join our next webinar to hear from BSRIA’s Worldwide Market Intelligence specialists on trends in the global heating, ventilation, and air conditioning market.

      • 09 February 2022 - 15:00pm15:00 GMT / 10:00 EST 1 hour
      • Delegate(s): £0.00
      • Online webinar

In lieu of BSRIA’s attendance at the AHR Expo, our Worldwide Market Intelligence specialists will deliver four insightful presentations online:

Anette Meyer Holley, Business Manager, BSRIA WMI 
Anette will set the scene by looking at the economic and market drivers the HVAC market is facing; how the pandemic and environmental/energy challenges are likely to change the way we build and run buildings in the future. How will the ambitions of governments be met by industry and what are the roles of the different stakeholders to ensure we stay on track?

Socrates Christidis Research Manager, Heating & Renewables, BSRIA WMI 
Socrates will share the latest information on global heating market trends. Major heating markets like China, most European countries, the US and Canada have ambitious plans for carbon neutrality, but what policies say is far from what market realities dictate and how ready markets are for change. Looking at the major factors as well as restrictions and limitations to change, he will provide insights into BSRIA’s latest HVAC 2030 study reviewing scenarios for heating prospects by 2030 with a particular focus on North America.

Saziye Dickson Research Manager, VAC&R, BSRIA WMI
Saziye will address how the Global AC market is recovering from the pandemic amidst challenging market conditions, global supply chain issues, NetZero Carbon commitments and increased awareness of Indoor Air Quality. She will look at how the OEMs’ product offering is changing due to challenges in the market, and which technologies are winning or losing ground at a global and regional level, with special coverage of the Americas.

Lone Hansen, Research Manager, Cabling, BACS & Smart Technologies, BSRIA WMI 
Lone will evaluate the uptake of smart technologies in commercial buildings. COVID 19 and climate change have boosted the trend towards smart buildings, but is it all talk or are we seeing an increase in penetration of smart technologies? Are smart products being added to the IP infrastructure, installed as part of the Building Automation Controls Systems, or as separate solutions? BSRIA will cover the latest global trends from our recent reports on BACS and Field devices, with additional focus on North America.