FLIR Exx series | Thermal imaging camera

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The FLIR E76 and E96 thermal imaging cameras are perfect for uncovering hard-to-find building envelope deficiencies such as moisture penetration in the building fabric as well as in use within industrial applications which requires superior thermal sensitivity

Available with a range of different image resolutions with the E96 model offering 1.2 megapixel using the UltraMax enhancement feature. The cameras have a rugged chassis and scratch-resistant Dragontrail cover glass and are designed specifically to make your work faster, safer and more efficient.


The E76 and E96 models are available to hire with a 24° standard lens fitted.  They are available on a 1, 2, 3 day or weekly rental basis with an optional Extech EX845 Meterlink clamp meter.  The camera is supplied with the basic FLIR Tools reporting software on a CD or it is available for download within this product page.

Available as an optional extra to hire is the telephoto (14 degree) lens for precise focus and crisp imaging of distant targets.


  • All models come with the FLIR Inspection Route Camera option 
  • Grip, trigger, and buttons designed for easy one-handed operation
  • Sensitive enough to clearly identify hidden deficiencies
  • On-screen area measurement tools
  • Interchangeable lenses 
  • Wi-Fi, METERLiNK connectivity
  • Streamlined reporting features with Inspection Route Camera Option that is automatically enabled in the camera


For full technical details, please see the data sheet.

E76 model     

  • Resolution     320 x 240 (307,200 pixels with UltraMax enhancement)
  • Range      -20 to 650 °C (Optional to 1000 °C)

E96 model      

  • Resolution      640 x 480 (1.2 megapixels with UltraMax enhancement)
  • Range     -20 to 1500 °C

Thermal sensitivity/NETD       E54 < 0.04 °C @ 30 °C   All other models < 0.03 °C @ 30 °C with 42° lens

Lens field of View (FOV)       42° wide angle lens (10 mm lens),  24° standard (17mm lens), 14° telephoto lens (29 mm)

Image refresh rate      30 Hz

Software     All cameras are supplied with free to use FLIR Thermal Studio Starter software package.  

Support documents

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FLIR Exx series (2020) user manual.pdf FLIR Exx series (2020) user manual
Technical document
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FLIR Exx series product matrix / data sheet.pdf FLIR Exx series product matrix / data sheet
Technical document
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FLIR Tools V6x software.exe FLIR Tools V6x software
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