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Part L of the Building Regulations (Webinar)

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Part L is the part of the England Building Regulations covering Conservation of Fuel and Power.

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Building Regulations are in place to ensure that certain minimum standards are met whenever building work is carried out, including new buildings, extensions and certain work in existing buildings. Part L is the part of the England Building Regulations covering minimum standards for Conservation of Fuel and Power – in other words energy efficiency. Part L is one of the more complex Parts of the Building Regulations, and also one which changes more frequently than others, with the aim of reducing energy use and carbon dioxide emissions from buildings. Part L will continue to play a leading role in efforts to move towards a zero carbon economy. This webinar outlines the legal requirements and guidance relating to new and existing non-dwellings, and discusses how they are applied in real-life situations. Mention will also be made of requirements and guidance for dwellings, including proposed changes.

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