Wohler L 200

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The Wohler L 200 locator makes it possible to easily find the VIS 26 mm and 40 mm camera heads wirelessly. The location of the head is indicated on the colour display screen as well as via headphones with an audible signal. This easy to use device has a telescopic handle making it suitable for all users and a chalk / crayon holder so that devices can map the path of the VIS camera head or mark the position of any damage if found.


Inspecting pipes in the ground, ceilings or behind walls has never been easier with the Wohler camera system and the L 200 locator / receiver makes it easy to map where these systems are. The L 200 is a time saving device for all engineers with the position of 26 mm and 40 mm camera heads easily found through concrete and asphalt via the 8.9 kHz transmitter / receiver system.


Display Graphic visulization of transmitter position

Headphone output signal 32 ohm

Power supply 3.7 V Li-Ion battery

Locator / transmitter frequency 8.9 kHz

Operating temperature 0 to + 40 oC

Weight 0.605 kg

Size 31 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm (L x W x H)

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